Paola Rosenick

Age: 41 

Height: 5’4" 

Weight: 121

Professional Experience: 

18 years

General population: 

Ages 16-65 years old 


weight loss, aesthetics, occupational training, conditioning, boxing and kickboxing. 

I became a certified trainer back in 2001 and it was the best career decision I made. Being able to work with people on helping them become a better person, not only physically but mentally, is the most rewarding feeling to me. 

We all have short term or long term goals to become a better version of ourselves. Very often, we end up checking out by self- doubt or negative thinking. Also, by expecting immediate results. 

My advice

to clients...

Set yourselves daily goals and work at it every single day. One meal at a time, one workout at a time, one good attitude at a time.

Stay positive; with proper guidance, discipline and accountability anything is possible. What you do today is going to reflect on your progress in 2 weeks and so on. 

Build the body and mind that you always wanted! And always, always be Grateful for what you already have. Anyone can do it, with a positive mind and attitude!!

Mon-Sat 7am - 11pm

Sun 7am-10pm

24/7 Returns Soon!

525 S Schmale Rd 

Carol Stream, IL

In between Home Depot & AutoZone

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